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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Get a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) for Driving to Malaysia

Attention Johor Bahru road trip enthusiasts: starting October 1, 2024, all foreign-registered vehicles, including those from Singapore, must obtain a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) and RFID tag to enter Malaysia.

What is the VEP System For?

Implemented by the Malaysian government, the VEP system serves several purposes:

  1. Facilitates the RM20 (S$5.75) road charge upon entry to Johor and covers toll fees on Malaysian expressways via RFID lanes.
  2. Tracks movements of foreign-registered vehicles entering or leaving Malaysia.
  3. Ensures settlement of summonses before departure from Malaysia.

Though established in 2019, enforcement was delayed while the Malaysian government streamlined RFID tag installation. Mandatory compliance begins October 1.

How Do I Obtain a VEP and RFID Tag?

Preparing your vehicle for Malaysia is straightforward. A 10RM processing fee applies, with an additional 45RM for home delivery.

Follow these steps:

  1. Register for a VEP account online at the Road Traffic Department’s website.
  2. Await a confirmation email with access details to the Malaysian VEP portal.
  3. Enter vehicle information, including model, chassis number, COE, NRIC, passport, road tax, and motor insurance documents.
  4. Approval may take days; upon confirmation, collect the RFID tag.
  5. Choose home delivery (RM30 service fee plus RM15 postage to Singapore) or collect from a Johor Bahru center (before Oct 1).
  6. Acknowledge receipt and validate the RFID tag via the VEP portal.

How Do I Install the RFID Tag?

Install the RFID tag on the left headlamp’s passenger side or the windshield, ensuring it’s visible and secure.

Upload a photo to the VEP portal and await activation confirmation via email.

Consequences of Non-compliance Beginning October 1, 2024, vehicles without a VEP may face fines up to RM2,000 (~S$574) or six months’ jail time.

For lost or damaged RFID tags, update your vehicle status online and provide a police report for replacement.

VEP Renewal Your VEP is valid for five years. Renewal reminders will be sent six months before expiration, with renewal required within three months to avoid penalties.

Expired VEPs incur a 150RM fee upon exiting Malaysia.

Stay informed and enjoy safe travels to Malaysia!

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