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Joe Biden, U.S. President Pursuing a Second Term at Age 81

Americans will tune in to the first debate of the 2024 US election—a highly anticipated showdown between President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump. The televised face-off comes just four months ahead of the November vote, with both candidates neck and neck in the polls, each seeking a second term.

Here are some key biographical details about Biden, a Democrat and seasoned Washington veteran, ahead of this significant event:

Political Experience: Joe Biden, aged 81, is no stranger to Washington. He served as Vice President under Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017. Prior to that, he spent an impressive 36 years in the Senate, first elected at the young age of 29 from Delaware.

Family and Background: Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1942, Biden is the eldest of four children. He often references his Irish-American middle-class upbringing. Biden’s father held various jobs, and while not poor, the family faced financial challenges. Biden is a devout Catholic who attends mass regularly, although he supports abortion rights. He is known as a family man, deeply supportive of his son Hunter despite controversies.

Personal Tragedies: Biden’s life has been marked by significant losses. He tragically lost his first wife Neilia and young daughter Naomi in a car accident in 1972. His sons Beau and Hunter were also injured in the accident. Beau later died of cancer in 2015. Biden has been married to First Lady Jill Biden since 1977, and they have a daughter named Ashley.

Wealth: While not a billionaire like Trump, Biden’s wealth is estimated around $10 million, largely from two homes in Delaware, according to Forbes.

Public Perception: Biden is not known for fiery speeches or dramatic rallies like his predecessor. He is characterized by his determined demeanor and image of empathy, though recent decisions, like US support for Israel during the Gaza conflict, have drawn criticism.

Age and Health Concerns: Biden’s advanced age and occasional stiffness have been targets of Republican criticism and public concern about his fitness for office.

Legal Issues: Earlier this year, Biden was cleared of allegations related to keeping classified documents at his home in Wilmington, Delaware. The special counsel’s report described him as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” a characterization dismissed by Democrats and seized upon by Republicans.

As the election approaches, Biden faces the challenge of defending his record and appealing to voters amidst a contentious political landscape.

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