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Imminent Collapse Threatens Minnesota’s Rapidan Dam, Locals Call for Emergency Evacuation

The Rapidan Dam, constructed in 1910 near Mankato, Minnesota, has faced severe deterioration due to over a century of flooding, according to Blue Earth County’s government website. Recent flooding of the Blue Earth River has placed the dam at risk of collapse. County officials, including the sheriff, issued warnings on Monday, noting that the river has eroded the dam on all sides, causing debris to accumulate in the river water.

Status of Imminent Failure Located just outside Mankato, the dam is currently in a critical condition, as stated on the county’s official website. Officials have also notified potentially affected individuals about the dam’s precarious state.

In a Facebook message, officials described the unpredictable situation, stating uncertainty over whether the dam will hold or collapse after recent flooding. They emphasized their responsibility to inform residents downstream, regulatory agencies, and local authorities about the ongoing conditions.

The notification clarified, “The dam remains intact, and there are no immediate plans for a widespread evacuation. However, a portion of the river flow has diverted around the west side of the dam, and water continues to flow.”

Residents Express Concerns on Social Media Situated near Mankato, a city approximately 90 minutes from Minneapolis, the area is home to around 45,000 people, with Blue Earth County hosting a total of 70,000 residents. Following reports of the dam’s deteriorating condition, affected locals have voiced their concerns on social media platforms.

According to the Independent, one local resident commented online, “My sister’s home is across the street from Sanger Pit and needs a boat to get out of her house.” Another urged rescue crews to assist stranded animals in Sibley Park.

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