The southern Russian city of Krasnodar was a blow explosions early Friday morning, local authorities and media reported.

Multiple videos shared on social media showed the drone flying over Krasnodar, more than 300 kilometers from the front line in Ukraine, before crashing into a car in the center of the city.

It is not known if the drone was shot down.

Attacks on Russian regions near the border with Ukraine have become more frequent in recent weeks as Russian troops prepare for an expected Ukrainian counteroffensive.

Witnesses in Krasnodar reported hearing two explosions, reports the Baza Telegram channel, which is believed to have connections with Russian law enforcement agencies.

And the Telegram channel Shot published photos from what he claimed was drone debris and also suggested that the plane may have targeted a cell tower in the city center.

Local authorities said that no one was injured, but an office and a residential building were damaged.

The explosions in Krasnodar followed similar incidents in other regions of Russia bordering Ukraine over the past day.

It is reported that there was a Ukrainian missile knocked down near the air base in the Rostov region at night and there were obvious drone attacks Bransk and Belgorod regions.

Since Moscow launched its invasion of Ukraine last year, regions across Russia have come under regular drone attacks.

Earlier this month, there was an oil refinery in Krasnodar Krai attacked by two drones, which caused a big fire.

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