Fareham Bowls Clubin Leigh Road, Farminvites people to learn all about the bowls at a free tasting on Sunday, May 28. This step occurs as a part Bowles EnglandA ‘Big Weekend’ promotional campaign encouraging member clubs to open their doors to the public.

Charlie Bailey, club president for 2023, said: “This is a great opportunity, with all the equipment provided as well as basic training to get you started. Come and find out if bowling is right for you. Our summer season has already started, with matches played at home and away to other clubs across the region. In the evenings, on weekends and even during the day, you can enjoy the game. Staying in the fresh air and light physical exercises bring significant health benefits.”

Have a game of bowls this weekend at Fareham Bowls Club.
Have a game of bowls this weekend at Fareham Bowls Club.

Bob Alger, treasurer and one of the club’s official coaches, said: “We love giving people of all ages and abilities the chance to try bowling. You never know, it might be the perfect sport for you. On Sunday, May 28, the gates will be open from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Gather your bowls and shoes into teams and get out on the green.”

More information about the Bowls England Nationwide campaign can be found at www.bowlsengland.com. Last year, Bowls England’s 735 sister clubs held 884 events promoting the sport as a sociable and accessible pastime for all ages.

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