On April 11, Battaglia welcomes Korean philosopher Byung-Chul Han for a lecture and the free admission national premiere of his film The Intruder.

Byung-Chul Han has a long academic career and a distinguished career as an essayist and dissertation writer. He has recently focused his work on the emotional harms that arise in the context of the latest phase of capitalism and the individual consequences of a system that favors productivity, innovation and growth at all costs.

In Batalha, 19:15, he presents a lecture entitled "About Eros", moderator — curator and professor of theory and criticism of modern art Eduardo Neves. On the same day at 9:15 p.m., the national premiere of the movie “The Intruder” will take place.. Rarely filmed, the film was written, directed, directed and scored by Byung-Chul Han. Contemplative scenes show the two figures in different choreographies filled with meaning.

Admission to both sessions is free with same-day ticketing and limited to two per person.

Byung-Chul Han’s lecture is included in the cycle "My film history"in which Battaglia invites several individuals to explain their relationship with different forms of filmmaking through the experiences and films that mark the life and even the professional practice of each of them.

The next session on May 9 is presented by Vietnamese filmmaker, writer and songwriter Trinh T. Minh Ha.

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