Animals awaiting adoption visit schools in Porto

At the beginning of the year, sessions on the treatment of animals began. The first familiarization visit took place with students of the 4th year of Escola Básica da Vilarinha. They are promoted by sustainability education groups and the Centro de Recolha Oficial de Animais (CROA). They aim to show students how to care for animals, what to do if you lose a pet, and responsible adoptions.

“It is here that collected animals are treated, fed, cared for and, if the owners do not complain, prepared for adoption by a new family,” specialists explained the daily work at CROA.

Among the games with dogs and cats, the students learned that the animals are accompanied 365 days a year at any time of the day by specialized specialists. According to the photos, everyone was able to get acquainted with the material base of the center, which functions “like a real hospital”: a maternity, operating and rehabilitation room.

But they realized that there is also no shortage of play areas, and all conditions of safety and well-being are provided, with a place for bathing and grooming, daily walks for all dogs, in addition to free sterilization, chipping, vaccination and deworming.

Although every effort is made to treat dogs and cats better, the municipal teams reminded that these animals need new families. “Unfortunately, there are more abandoned animals than adopted, so CROA is always full,” they said, noting that “we can only care for a new animal in need if we have room when others are adopted.”

In this way, the doctors, veterinary nurses and caregivers of CROA reinforced the confidence with the students that “it is important not to forget that if we want a new four-legged member for our family, it is always better to adopt than to buy”, because, and now everyone knows, that “adopting a pet comes with a lot of responsibility.”

The next screenings are already scheduled for January 18 and 25 at the Escola Básica das Campinas.

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