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Today is the last day you can use the 2022 motorway vignette. From tomorrow you will need to have a 2023 sticker.

Authorities emphasize that the fog vignette is affixed to the windshield with its own adhesive and in such a position that it can be easily seen.

You will need it for driving on any freeway and even some major roads.

The government warns that there are illegal sites offering e-vignettes.

Electronic vignettes are not yet available – and any site offering to sell them is a scam. But it is planned to release an electronic version during this year. It will be linked to the car’s number plate. But the stickers will remain, the two systems will still work together.

The vignette costs 40 Swiss francs.

You will be fined 200 Swiss francs plus 40 Swiss francs for the sticker if you are caught without one.

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