Opposition PASOK Movement for Change leader Nikos Androulakis announced the start of the party’s general election campaign in a speech to the Central Committee on Sunday, in which he sharply criticized both the ruling New Democracy and the main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance.

“A strong PASOK-Movement for change from the first Sunday, so that the country does not fall into instability, to which the forces of ND and SYRIZA are preparing to lead us… this is the only thing they are interested in, [power] and not what is in the public interest,” he said.

He called on all party members, candidates and democratic citizens to unite in support of the party’s efforts and promised that if the goal is achieved, the very next day he will propose to reach an agreement on the major challenges facing the country. was based on the PASOK program.

“I promise today to every Greek man and woman that if they give us a firm mandate, a message of renewal and perspective, we will repay it with dignity and credibility by opening the very next day, on the basis of our program, a dialogue on the field of rapprochement, and not on the field of conflicts and divisions,” he said.

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