Z arrival of Rede Expressoswhich combines other operators (Flixbus, Internorte, Lazara, Scotturb (Gipsyy), Socintarbus and Valpi), Intermodal de Campanhã (TIC) will triple the supply of lines. Starting this Tuesday, November 22, the terminal will have more than 700 schedules. This means that around 40,000 people will leave or arrive in Porto via the TIC every day. During peak hours, the terminal will receive one bus per minute.

STCP-Serviços understands that this increase in supply involves changes in the habits of both operators and passengers. To minimize the restrictions that may occur, he has made some changes to the terminal, such as creating a pier strengthening area, more route signs and strengthening the customer support team.

Assuming that the management of the terminal is evolutionary, all the organizations involved (City Hall of Porto, STCP – Serviços, Manvia and operators) work together to ensure that this movement causes the least inconvenience to passengers and that the experience for those arriving and departing from the terminal is positive.

How to get to TIC

The TIC – Intermodal Terminal de Campanhã is located on Rua de Bonjoie and has metro, train and bus connections. On the metro, you can take any line that goes through Campanhã (A, B, C, E, F) and get off at “Estação de Campanhã”. Also, at the metro station pier, follow the sign TIC – Terminal Intermodal de Campanhã.

You can also reach the TIC by train, via the Aveiro, Porto, Braga and Marco lines (Campanhã stop). At the train station, follow the signs for TIC – Terminal Intermodal de Campanhã.

By bus you can get to Largo da Estação de Campanhã/Rua Justino Teixeira, via STCP (205, 206, 207, 400, 403) or Gondomarense (1,4,5,6,7,8,9,14,15) ,22). And there is also the ZC line, on Rua Pinheiro de Campanhã.

If you choose to travel with your own vehicle, just exit at VCI, Campagna/San Roque, whichever way you choose. The terminal has a parking lot for 230 spaces with a special payment for customers of car passenger transport operating in the TIC, upon presentation of a transport ticket. Please arrive early to ensure a smooth and on-time boarding.

There is also space for bikes and scooters and you can also get there by taxi (Rua de Bonjóia). If you are arriving on foot, you must follow the pedestrian access arrows and proceed to the 1st floor of the terminal.

What can be found on the 1st floor

The 1st floor is where all users have to wait for the right time to board. There you can find all available services, such as the ticket office, information desk, parcel delivery, luggage storage, waiting room, shop and cafeteria.

In the waiting room, you can consult real-time dashboards to find out the time and boarding assigned for the trip you are about to take.

You can find all the information here.

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