The 16-year-old pleaded guilty to three offenses on Friday. He attacked a man with a knife as he tried to detain him at a property in Frater Lane, Gosport.

Officers rushed to the building at 11.20pm on September 5 after hearing a teenager threatening people with a weapon. The State Sports Police reported: “A 16-year-old boy, whose identity cannot be established for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to possession of a knife, causing grievous bodily harm by accident and affray.

Police responded to a report that a 16-year-old boy had threatened residents of a home in Frater Lane, Gosport. He has since pleaded guilty to three felonies. Photo: Google Street View.

“The man was able to hold the 16-year-old boy and wrest the knife from him, but he was injured in the arms and legs. After that, the teenager was detained by the officers on duty.

The boy was released on bail at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court. He is due back in the same court on December 9 for sentencing.

Hampshire Police today launched an initiative to tackle knife crime called Operation Sceptre. Local officers will co-ordinate with British Transport Police to tackle knife crime and violence and tackle it at its root.

Different forces will work with young people to understand why people carry edged weapons and to tell them about the dangers of carrying them. Chief Inspector John Halfacre, head of knife crime, said: “Reducing knife crime remains a top priority for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police, as well as policing nationally.

Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones. Photo: David George

“We will use both law enforcement and prevention-based tactics, which include stop and search, gun sweeps, intelligence-led actions against common knife-carriers, control buys, raising awareness of knife retailers, education and awareness-raising activities. interaction with society”.

Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones said: “The impact of knife crime on individuals, families and communities is truly devastating and long-lasting, which is why tackling knife crime is one of the top priorities of my Policing and Crime Plan. The impact of knife crime on individuals, families and communities is truly devastating and long-lasting.

“The focus is on keeping young people from committing crimes, particularly those that result in serious violence and injury. Although the causes and incentives for knife crime are complex, early intervention and action to address the root causes is absolutely essential.”

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