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Aquila, one of the market leaders in the distribution of consumer goods, streamlines its energy flows and invests more than 220,000 euros in the expansion of the photovoltaic plant opened this year and in the construction of a new plant in Ploiesti with a total capacity of 230 euros. kW

We focus on sustainability in many areas of our business, and electricity sustainability is one of our key priorities. For greater efficiency, predictability and control, we have decided to accelerate investment in photovoltaic installations. In this way, we maintain predictable cost levels, can maintain our quality and performance commitments and, at the same time, reduce our environmental footprint by consistently reducing emissions.” – said Razvan Bagheria, Aquila’s Director of Organization and Human Resources.

Photovoltaic installations are located in Ploiesti and will reduce CO2 emissions from energy consumption by more than 113 tons per year.

Investments are divided into:

  • More than 202,000 euros were invested in the construction of the 100 kW photovoltaic power plant, inaugurated this year, and in its extension, recently commissioned, with an additional 100 kW. All investments will pay off in three years;
  • Approximately €20,000 was invested in the construction of a new 30 kW plant serving Aquila’s headquarters, with a payback period of 3.5 years.

The photovoltaic installation, recently expanded to a total capacity of 200 kW, will reduce the amount of electricity purchased for the respective unit of activity by 60%, while the second investment, located at the Aquila headquarters, will in turn lead to savings of approximately 27% from the amount of electricity purchased for the place of consumption.

Currently, more than half of the electricity consumed by Aquila comes from renewable sources, an aspect that confirms the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

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