The music is back at the Fête du Citron festival in Menton

Unlike the past, 2023 will be lyrical AND rock and roll!

The festival is four months away, but on Tuesday evening, Menton revealed what will be happening throughout the lemon capital from February 11 to 26, 2023. A rock concert took place in the Biovès gardens to announce the theme of the 2023 edition: “Rock and Opera “.

A strange combination, which the mayor of the city, Yves Yuel, called “a mixture of romance and eccentricity.” However, this is not a random combination, as last year several designs of citrus trees and statues on the theme of “Operas and Dances” could not be created due to ill health. Therefore, using them again this year will allow some cost savings, but also fully express the talents of the artists.

With the lifting of health restrictions, the 89th edition of the Lemon Festival is set to return to its pre-Covid-19 festivity and popularity with the return of the grand “corso” (parade) that made the event so popular around the world.

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To mark the occasion, Mirazur’s three-star chef, Maura Kalagrekahas created a Menton cocktail and lemon éclair to be enjoyed throughout the festival.

While the exhibitions at the Jardins Biovès Gardens and the Orchid Festival will be free, prices for the Golden Fruit Parade and Night Parade have increased. They are now €12 for children and €29 for adults in the grandstands, or €8 and €16 respectively in the ‘promenade’.

Tickets are already on sale: Festival of lemons

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