PEOPLE can drink and still lose weight, scientists say, if they snack on high-protein foods such as nuts.

Alcohol is known to increase appetite.


Scientists say people can drink and still lose weight if they snack on high-protein foods like nutsAuthor: Getty

But protein has a satiating effect, so people eat less.

The study found that drinkers who chose these foods consumed fewer calories overall compared to those who ate fatty foods.

Two-thirds of the participants were selected for the study food products high art protein but low carbohydrate and fat.

They consumed an average of 1,749 calories daily — including from alcohol.

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This was 577 calories less than needed to maintain my current weight.

Another third chose savory, low-protein foods such as rolls, chips and cookies and consumed an average of 3,051 calories – 813 more than required.

Lead author Dr Amanda Grech, from the University of Sydney in Australia, said: “We wanted to find out whether people choose more protein-rich savory foods when they drink alcohol, and when they do, whether their satiating effect leads to lower overall calorie intake.”

Alcohol is rich in energy. But the evidence that it promotes weight gain is inconclusive.

The latest study is the first to consider other components of diet.

The findings are based on 9,341 people from the Australian National Diet and Physical Activity Study.

Dr. Grech added, “If you drink alcohol and have an increased appetite, make sure you choose a healthier lean protein.”

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