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GTC Real Estate has completed the City Gate Complex renovation project following an investment of €3.5 million. The project started in 2021 and aimed at two main areas of investment and implementation: common areas and areas for rent.

“Now the whole area is a high-efficiency office space, more modern, more elegant and functional at the same time. All implemented new solutions are energy efficient, which is a must for any modern building. The goal achieved in the renovation process was to offer our tenants a flexible work environment that is comfortable, sustainable and affordable»– said Ziv Gigi, CEO of GTC Romania.

The total amount of investment in the general area was 500,000 euros, while the investment in the leased area exceeded 3 million euros. The money was used to completely renovate the units, expand the sanitary areas, implement a new modern architectural concept, replace the false floor, install new carpet, ceiling tiles, LED lighting, and improve the electrical and fire systems, creating a seamless connection between design, functionality and efficiency that combines office work with a spectacular location and a view of Herăstrău Park.

The iconic City Gate complex has one of the largest parking spaces in Bucharest – 40,000 m2 – with metro access for +1,000 cars, accessible from 2 directions of the city. The parking ramps have a de-icing system and a waterproofing coating system, and access is via a number plate recognition system, making entry easier. The building has fast chargers for electric cars – free for all tenants, as well as showers, dedicated parking for bicycles and motorcycles.

City Gate tenants have access to additional facilities in the area, such as a supermarket and other retail formats, a restaurant, as well as opportunities to spend time after hours or during breaks in one of the largest pedestrian green areas between office buildings in Bucharest, where Modern Urban Furniture provides a relaxing and comfortable stay.

Last year saw the completion of a new lobby design for the south tower of the City Gate, followed by a redesign of the building’s main entrance, creating a bright, unified and futuristic space. The area has been transformed into a multi-functional structure with a digital function, which is completed by a video wall with a 37 m2 LED panel behind the reception. Large revolving doors were installed, which prevent traffic jams, increase the aesthetic value and energy efficiency of the building.

The City Gate complex consists of two tower buildings (ground floor + 18 floors) located in the Piața Presei Libere area and has a total leasable area of ​​47,700 square meters.

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