ANYONE thinking they’re ‘doing Netflix’ with the new Sky Stream service, think again.

The broadcasting giant has warned that it will block anyone who tries to save a few bob by sharing their account with friends or family outside of their immediate family.


Don’t give it to your partnerAuthor: Sky

Heavenly stream is a brand new product that allows TV lovers to access more than 150 channels through Wi-Figiving up the dish altogether.

Customers can pay a little extra for additional Sky Stream boxes to be placed in other rooms.

But any crafty subscribers who think they can lend them to someone outside their home should be aware the sky there are special tools to detect this.

This will be a violation of the terms and conditions that you agree to when registering.

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As a result, you risk being cut off or even slapped with an extra fee.

“If you or anyone else uses any of the TV Services or your account anywhere other than your address, you will be in breach of this contract,” Sky says.

“Therefore, we may either suspend your television services or charge you an additional location fee for use at that other address, depending on the price of your subscription at your address.

“We will notify you before taking any action or charging an additional fee to your account.”

Sky says it uses “data received from compatible devices and the network
connections you use to access TV services’ to ensure all Sky products are used in the correct home.

The same rules actually apply to Sky glassanother service of the company without dishes.

Account sharing has been a big deal for Netflix, which the company plans to do gain control over the next year.

What is Sky Stream?

Sky Stream is Sky’s new Wi-Fi enabled TV service that does away with satellite dishes.

This means you can install it yourself without an engineer coming.

It’s also the first time Sky has offered a subscription-free TV product with an affordable 31-day plan.

With an 18 month contract you can get Sky Ultimate TV and Netflix Basic price for £26 per month.

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But if you prefer a 31-day recurring plan, it will cost £29 a month.

There is a setup fee of £20 on contract and £39.95 off contract.

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