A study shows that COUCH potatoes inspire more exercise when spending time with fit friends.

Two-thirds of the British overweight or obesity — the main cause of such diseases Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


Mark Wright helped friend James Argent slim down from 27, and US scientists say the camaraderie works

The NHS says people should exercise at least 2.5 hours a week, but millions fall short.

A great TV star Mark Wright helped the formerTowie a friend James Argent cut from the 27th, and American scientists say the friendship works.

They looked at activity among 372 members of the military and found that people stuck together with those of a similar level fitness.

When left alone, the groups became lazier and exercised less.

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But in a simulation in which fitness enthusiasts were paired with unfit people, the inactive ones began exercising more to mirror their partner.

Scientists said they are hopeful people of average fitness keep exercises may have a greater impact than targeting the most fit or the least fit.

They added: “We found that moving away from a socially acceptable sedentary lifestyle would reduce dropout in moderately active people.”

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