The Texas The state government is sending DNA and fingerprint identification kits to parents with children in kindergarten through eight grades in case of an emergency.

The law that established the distribution of the kits was passed in 2021 and was intended to “help locate and return a missing or trafficked child,” although the timing of the kit distribution reminded parents of Uvalde shooting, where 19 children and two adults died. After the shooting, the parents were there asked for DNA samples their children to help medical examiners identify the victims. AR-15s, the type of gun that was used in the shooting, are powerful weapons that can leave victims unrecognizable.

Brett Cross, the father of the student killed in Uvalde, tweeted about the recruitments: “Yes! Wonderful! Let’s identify the children after they have been killed instead of addressing the issues that could have ultimately prevented them from being killed. It’s like wiping your ass before you poop.”

yes! Wonderful! Let’s identify the children after they have been killed instead of addressing the issues that could have ultimately prevented them from being killed. It’s like wiping your ass before you poop.

— Brett Cross (@BCross052422) October 18, 2022

This week they started distributing kits. Parents are not required to send DNA samples, but schools are required to inform parents about the kits.

Home speaker Nancy Pelosi said in an interview published today Democrats must be “notified [inflation[ better in the next three weeks ahead” but ultimately expressed optimism over the election.

“Inflation’s an issue, but it’s global,” she said. “What’s [Republicans’] the plan? They are not going anywhere.”

Pelosi also said turnout will be key for Democrats. “We know that the public is with us. But it’s about the turnout. So I’m excited. We have surpassed them, except for their big, dark money, which is endless.’

Asked if she was worried about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy becoming speaker after the election, Pelosi said, “We’re going to win this election, so I don’t even think about it. But that should worry Republicans.”

Polls show a more uncertain future for Democrats, who have been criticized by Republicans over the economy and inflation in recent weeks. Breaking News CBS/YouGov survey found Democrats trailing by two points Republicans for a vote in Congress.

Democrats are using these next three weeks to try to electrify their base by sending some of their prominent members to endorse candidates and encourage voters to head to the polls.

Alexandria Acasio-Cortes heading west to speak to young voters at UC Irvine this Sunday. Irwin is the US representative Kathy Porterswing district

Meanwhile, Senator Bernie Sanders there is title in eight states for at least 19 events over the next two weeks, including California, Nevada, Texas and Florida.

“This is about energizing our base and increasing voter turnout up and down,” Sanders told the New York Times. “I’m a little worried [about] the energy level for the youth, the working class people… And I want to see what I can do about it.”

last week, Barack Obamateam announced that the former president will head to Milwaukee to rally for Mandela Barnes, who is seeking to unseat Republican incumbent Ron Johnson in a seat Democrats see as vulnerable.

Herschel WalkerRepublican candidate in Georgia’s hot Senate race against Democrats Raphael Warnockplans to distribute fake law enforcement badges who say “I’m with Hershel” as part of their campaign.

During a debate with Warnock last week, Walker was holding up a deputy sheriff’s badge of honor after Warnock attacked him for being a law enforcement officer. Walker was never a trained officer, although he was endorsed by law enforcement groups.

In the debate, the moderator told Walker that no props could be used on the debate stage.

“Let’s talk about the truth,” Walker said, holding the badge of honor.

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D): “One thing I didn’t do was I never impersonated a police officer and I never threatened to shoot with the police.”

In response, Herschel Walker (R) pulled out a prop badge: “I work with a lot of cops.”

— Heartland Signal (@HeartlandSignal) October 14, 2022

Walker’s company has now told NBC News that it has ordered 1,000 mock-up badges as part of his campaign.

“Hershel Walker was a friend of law enforcement and respected the police,” said Gail Gitcho, Walker’s campaign strategist. “If Senator Warnock wants to highlight it, then bring it up.”

Ed Pilkington

Steve Bannonformer chief strategist at The Trump White House who is at the forefront of the Republican march toward hard-right populism, is throwing his weight behind the movement to radically rewrite The US Constitution.

Bannon has dedicated recent episodes of his online show War Room to the well-funded operation that has quietly gained ground over the past two years. Backed by billionaire donors and corporate interests, it aims to persuade state legislatures to convene a constitutional convention in hopes of enshrining far-right conservative values ​​into the supreme law of the land.

Essentially, the goal is to turn the country into a permanent conservative nation, regardless of the will of the American people. The convention would promote policies that would limit the size and scope of the federal government’s powers, impose or even eliminate taxes, exempt corporations from regulation, and impose limits on government actions in areas such as abortion, guns, and immigration.

“This is another line of strategic attack,” Bannon told his audience the last month. “Now you have a political movement that understands we need to go after the administrative state.”

By the “administrative state,” Bannon meant the involvement of the federal government and Congress in central aspects of modern American life. This includes tackling the climate crisis, setting educational standards and tackling health inequalities.

Mark Meckler, founder of the company Tea party who now heads one of the largest groups advocating this tactic, the Convention on the Actions of States (GOAT)outlined some basic objectives on Bannon’s show. “We have to constitutionally say, ‘No, the federal government can’t be involved in education, health care, energy or the environment,'” he said.

Meckler continued to reveal the anti-democratic nature of the state convention movement when he said the main goal was to prevent progressive politics from advancing through the presidential election. “The problem is that every time the administration goes back to the Democrats — or the radical progressives or the Marxists that they are — we’re going to lose gains. So you’re making a structural adjustment.”

“Structural Fixing” includes Republican state legislatures pushing conservative amendments to America’s founding document. By enshrining the policy in the US constitution, they will become largely immune to electoral challenge.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio had intense discussion last night with your rival Val Demingscurrently a US representative.

Demings, who is trying to become Florida’s first black senator, has pushed Rubio on issues ranging from abortion to gun control.

Rubio, who is running for a the third termdid not confirm whether he would support a federal abortion ban that has no exceptions for rape or incest, but said that “every abortion bill I’ve ever sponsored and every bill I’ve ever voted for my exceptions.”

Demings responded, “We know the senator does not support any exemptions. Today he can make his mouth say anything. By the way, he is good. What day is it and what is Marco Rubio saying?”

On gun control, Demings asked Rubio, “How long are you going to watch people get shot in a first grade, fourth grade, school, college, church, synagogue, grocery store, movie theater, mall, and nightclub and do nothing?” , she said. asked.

Demings is fighting an uphill battle to unseat Rubio in a state that has drifted further to the right in recent years. Earlier this month, a poll found that Demings six points for Rubio.

Marco Rubio and Val Demings
Marco Rubio and Val Demings Photo: Thomas Cordy/AP

Good morning and welcome to the live politics blog. Joe Biden installed to announce liberation 15 million barrels of gas from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve later today as the administration tries to cut gas prices.

The national average gas price today is $3.85 per gallon, according to AAA, which is slightly higher than the $3.34 per gallon seen at this time last year. But that’s still lower than this summer, when gasoline peaked at more than $5 a gallon.

The move is an attempt by Biden to ease growing concerns about the economy intermediate approach. Democratic candidates in hot races across the country face attacks from their Republican counterparts inflation, which in September was 8.2%. Biden will make a statement today around 1:00 p.m.

Here’s what else we’re seeing:

  • Donald Trump headed to the District of Columbia Court today for a adjournment following a lawsuit by a former columnist for the magazine E Jean Carroll, who accused Trump of sexual assault. Carroll is suing Trump for defamation.

  • Politico/Morning Consultation survey shows that Republicans can have advantage over the Democrats in intermediate because of the economy: 81% say that economy will play an important role in their vote, and 80% said the same inflation.

Follow the news live.

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