As befits a former Bond, Pierce Brosnan speaks to me from under a palm tree. “Under my beautiful palm trees on the North Shore of Hawaii,” he explains with quiet appreciation, before asking me how everyone “got home.” He was in Ireland over the summer filming a movie in Belfast and will soon return to star in the adaptation of Niall Williams’ bestseller Four Love Letters.

First, though, there’s Black Adam, Brosnan’s first foray into the bright and daring world of superheroes and part of the DC Extended Universe. “Over the years, I’ve often watched these movies,” he says, “whether it’s Doctor Strange or The Avengers, and I’ve wondered who I would play in a superhero movie, or even be offered a role at all.” Then one day my agent called and said, “You’ve been offered the role of Dr. Fate.” I read it and thought, “Why not?”

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