Huawei’s smartwatches offer incredible battery life and tons of workouts and features, but the lack of third-party support has been a stumbling block for some users. Hopefully today marks a new dawn for Huawei and their exciting news of support for the popular Strava app.

Today, Huawei announced that it is enabling data integration between Huawei Health and Strava. As a result, anyone using a Huawei wearable device can now export their data to a Strava account and benefit from the app’s many activity tracking and social features.

A user’s Strava account can now be seamlessly updated with accurate personal performance statistics in various sports collected by Huawei Health, as well as comprehensive route information. It also means that Strava users can now take advantage of some of the features common to Huawei wearables, such as long battery life and accurate performance tracking data.

The feature is available across Europe, including Ireland, and is compatible with all Huawei wearables, including the latest flagships Huawei Watch GT3 Pro, Huawei GT Runner and the upcoming Huawei Watch D.

Adam Liu, Regional Director of Huawei Ireland, said: “Huawei Health continues to be the platform of choice for our wearable users to comprehensively track their health and fitness. However, we recognize the popularity of Strava, particularly its community and sharing capabilities. We are excited to offer our customers choice and flexibility, and introduce Strava users to the many benefits of Huawei’s wearable technology. We are excited to take another positive step forward in building a strong health and fitness community around the world.”

How to sync Huawei Health with Strava:

1. Log in to the Huawei Health app

2. Click on “Me”

3. Scroll down and select Manage Privacy

4. Select “Data sharing and authorization”

5. Click on “Strava”

6. Click “Connect to Strava”

7. You will then be directed to the Strava website where you will need to enter your Strava account details and log in to your account

8. Allow the Huawei Health app to connect to your Strava account by clicking “Authorize”

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