Many compare the Greek piano prodigy Stelios Kerassidis to the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

He recently garnered applause again when he gave a concert at a Rome airport that went viral on all social media.

At just ten years old, the pianist was named one of the 100 greatest talents in the world at the recent Global Child Prodigy Awards. This is not the first time that Kerassidis, who has been playing the piano since the age of three, has received attention for his outstanding musical abilities. His recognition at this year’s Giuseppe Sciacca International Prize in Italy was a special moment for the young pianist. Along with his many other awards, he has created a bright legacy for his musical future.

The airport in Rome is in a frenzy because of Kerassidis
A few days ago, after being recognized at the prestigious Giuseppe Sciacca International Prize, Stelios Kerassidis was at the Rome airport, where he discovered a piano in the airport lounge. The 9-year-old musician decided to play to “see what would happen.” The results vindicated him as expected and the video went viral on Facebook and TikTok.

According to his Facebook page, run by his parents, Stelias soon found a second piano and wreaked “EVEN more havoc in the main hall.” Apparently, he impressed passers-by who heard him and went into a frenzy during his performance.

A prodigy who started at the age of three
Kerassidis began playing the piano at the age of three when he took his first formal lesson from his father, a pianist and music teacher. Soon, teachers and the music world recognized the boy’s talent. At the age of 5, he performed in public, and at the age of six – at Carnegie Hall. Since then, Kerassidis has been writing his own music to critical acclaim.

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