State Party The normative council of the district council made a decision to appoint Stokes Bay as a conservation area, adding a level of protection from development.

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A county council proposal to close Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve has met with…

The proposal aims to protect the area’s rich military history, which dates back several centuries, while maintaining it as a popular destination in the town.

Stokes Bay Beach Photo: Alison Charlton // Instagram: @Alison_Jacqueline_Imagery

Reserves exist to protect places that are considered worthy of preservation or improvement. There are about 10,000 of them in England.

Councilor Kevin Casey, member for Alverstoke and chairman of Friends of Stokes Bay, said: “I’m really excited about this, I’ve been a member of the Friends of Stokes Bay committee for over 30 years – it’s a dream come true.”

“It’s been an ambition for the community since I’ve been involved because we’d like to see that extra layer of protection.

“We don’t want the bay to be completely built up and turn into something else Southseyit is unique in its own way and has an incredible history compared to many other shores.

“It needs to be preserved and that is what the Friends of Stokes Bay have done with their website, they have so many resources.

“It doesn’t mean it will stop development, but it creates an extra layer of protection — if anything was planned for Stokes Bay, it had to be in the context of conservation.

“When I first moved to Gosport and I was walking along the seafront I said, ‘Look at all those weeds’ – then my neighbor said ‘what you’re looking at are wildflowers that only grow on shingle beaches.’

“Some of the fauna here is more prolific than in other areas where there are pebbly beaches.

“I wouldn’t want to see an amusement park or anything like that, it would be a mess. When you walk here, there are people walking their dogs, people who love wildlife, or people who just love to exercise.

“Anyone who visits the bay thinks it’s amazing, you have a beautiful open area, grass, wild areas and a free amusement park.”

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