• The US and its allies will destroy Russian troops and equipment in Ukraine and sink his Black Sea Fleet if Russian President Vladimir Putin uses nuclear weapons, former CIA director and retired four-star Army general David Petraeus said on Sunday. Petraeus said he had not spoken to national security adviser Jake Sullivan about a likely U.S. response, but he told ABC News he believed a Russian nuclear attack in Ukraine would trigger a U.S.-led NATO response. “You don’t want, again, to get into a nuclear escalation here. But you have to show that this cannot be accepted in any way,” Petraeus said.

  • Vladimir Zelensky confirmed that Ukraine “completely cleared” Russian forces from the key eastern city of Liman, a day after Moscow admitted its troops had withdrawn after being encircled. In a short video on his Telegram channel, the President of Ukraine thanked the Ukrainian military for freeing Liman.

  • The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain called the city of Lyman strategically importantthanks to its “key road crossing the Siver Danets River beyond which Russia tried to strengthen his defense.”

  • Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Smyhal said that 900 Ukrainian teachers voluntarily joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to combat the invasion of Russia from February 24. “This is a great example of serving one’s people,” he said.

  • The body of Paul Jury, the British Air Force volunteer who died after being captured by pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine was returned to the UK. Urie’s family raised £9,000 to repatriate his body after the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Department (FCDO) said it could not pay the transport costs.

  • The UK’s leading charity helping the government to re-home Ukrainian refugees after their initial placement or disruption is to wind down its activities because it says that the circuit is not working. Hosting arrangements are for at least six months, with many ending after the scheme opens in March.

  • Ukrainian forces shot down eight Iranian-made kamikaze drones on Sunday, the Kyiv Independent reports. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Air Force of Ukraine also carried out our four strikes on two Russian weapons bases, as well as on two anti-aircraft missile complexes.

  • US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he believed Ukraine was “making progress” in the war. In an interview with CNN that aired Sunday, Austin attributes the change in the course of the war to the caliber of Ukrainian soldiers and their use of weapons provided to them by the United States and NATO countries.

  • Ukraine is beginning to believe that it can return Crimea, according to the main representative of Vladimir Zelensky in the region. While there is no suggestion that Ukraine is close to reclaiming the annexed region, Tamila Tashava and her team spend their days discussing the logistics of what will happen if Kyiv regains control.

  • Nine European countries that previously issued a statement condemning the annexation by Russia Ukraine All of them support Ukraine’s accession to NATO. The Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and Slovakia supported the path for Ukraine NATO friendship in their slightly opaque joint statement.

  • The Associated Press found evidence 10 places of torture in the city of Izyumafter the retreat of Russia. “AP spoke with 15 victims of Russian torture in the Kharkiv region, as well as with two families whose loved ones disappeared in the hands of Russia,” AP reports.

  • The Constitutional Court of Russia recognized joining four key ukr territories as legal. The court effectively approved annexation agreements signed by Vladimir Putin with regional leaders backed by Moscow, despite widespread condemnation from the West.

  • Germany, Denmark and Norway ordered a batch of long-range weapons for Ukraine. Deliveries of 16 Slovak Zuzana-2 howitzers, just announced by the German Ministry of Defense, will begin next year.

  • The gas leak on the damaged Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline has been stopped. This comes after it was announced on Saturday that gas from Nord Stream 2 is no longer coming. Denmark’s energy agency said on Sunday it had been informed by Nord Stream AG that stable pressure had been reached in the damaged Nord Stream 1 pipeline and that this indicated that the outflow of natural gas from the latest leaks had now stopped, Reuters reported.

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