Technical firm SCOTS further strengthening its management team amid its ongoing growth efforts.

Pufferfish’s digital display business became the third loudest destination in four months amid ambitious growth plans.

Brian Henderson joins the company as chief operating officer, having previously been chief information officer at media company DC Thomson.

Bryan’s appointment follows the arrival of former Disney executive Harry Sinclair as chief creative officer in September, and technologies industry leader Elaine Van Der Berg as CEO in May.

Brian Henderson joins the company as Chief Operating Officer after previously working at DC Thomson.

Pufferfish is now looking for a bargain 600,000 lbs to help fund a new phase of growth to capitalize on the growing demand for multi-sensory and immersive audiovisual experiences.

His interactive display technology serves a wide range of industries, including corporate communications, science and research, museums and exciting art exhibitions.

Mr Henderson said: “Fugauk fish is an unforgettable experience.

“Its impressive global client list is a testament to the products it delivers and it is extremely exciting to join the company at this stage of its journey.

“I’m only a few days into this role and I already see endless possibilities for the company.

“My immediate focus is on improving our supply chain, manufacturing and product development practices.

“I will work with the team to ensure we deliver new products and scale operations effectively to take advantage of the growing market.”

Elaine Van Der Berg, CEO, said: “Our continuous product development and innovation means we deliver the best spherical sensor technology in the world.

“But we know we still need to do to fully realize our potential and scale.

“Brian is a very welcome addition to the Pufferfish team.

“His invaluable skill set and experience will help drive our expansion and further strengthen Pufferfish’s reputation as a global leader in a fast-growing market.”

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