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With more than 10,000 applications since 1 September, this is the month with the highest number of applicants looking to work abroad. Although their first options are definitely work in Romania and those that can be done remotely, the offers from abroad are being adjusted to an increasingly clear field of interest.

“There were two years when Romanians were wary of the idea of ​​working in another country. Either because in the first phase, in the context of the pandemic, it seemed safer for them to stay here, or because later the labor market here recovered impressively and they had enough options in Romania as well. However, now the uncertain economic context, inflation, rising prices force candidates to consider job offers from outside with increased interest.”– says Bogdan Badea, CEO of eJobs Romania

Depending on the level of experience, the mid-level (2-5 years of experience) and entry-level (maximum 2 years of experience) categories are most applicable to jobs posted by foreign employers. Next come the very young, with no experience, and only 20% of applications are made by specialists and senior managers. “As for professionals, we see more and more situations where they apply and get a job in a company abroad, but work remotely and thus stay in Romania. IT professionals, such as marketing or digital marketing professionals, are perhaps the most frequently encountered of these cases in recent times.”– explains Bogdan Badya.

Germany is chosen by the majority (a third) of those who want to go to work abroad. The Netherlands, France, Belgium and Great Britain follow, while the destinations that have dominated Romanians’ emigration choices for years, namely Spain and Italy, have been displaced by countries such as Ireland, Austria, Denmark or Norway. New members of the rating are the United Arab Emirates.

The areas with the highest number of applications are transport / logistics / import – export, retail, manufacturing, tourism, food processing, construction, services and agriculture. There is no clear indication of the areas for which foreign companies are looking for the most candidates, considering that most of the vacancies they have posted on are in construction, manufacturing, transport, energy, naval and aviation, automotive, food industry and services.

“Salary and better living conditions are the main arguments that those who want to emigrate, even for a limited period of time, have. Those who leave earn 3-4 times more than in Romania, at work and in similar fields.”– says Badya.

Besides the experience they must have in a particular field, employers are primarily looking for college graduates and skilled workers. As for the foreign languages ​​they must speak, the most frequently mentioned in job ads are English, German, Finnish, French, and Spanish.

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