King Charles III has been in the spotlight all his life – but does he need a rebrand now that he’s head of state?

Until September 8 of this year. Charles was the world’s longest-serving heir, having been first in line to the throne since 1952. It’s 70 years – his mother was crowned when he was only three years old.

However, during this time, the royal family had a rather stormy relationship with the public. Perhaps as he transitions into his new role as sovereign, Charles is also looking to rejuvenate his image.

But why is he rebranding?

The king has faced a lot of scrutiny over the years, and his public persona has not always remained intact.

In 1994, he indirectly insulted his parents, telling interviewer Jonathan Dimbleby that they did not support him throughout his childhood, prompting pundits to speculate about a royal split – and that Charles redid.

During this same period, Charles’s reputation was under threat as his relationship with his first wife deteriorated. Princess Diana.

Not only was she considered the “people’s princess” and more popular than he, their acrimonious split in 1992 and her subsequent death in a car crash in 1997 led to an outpouring of grief – and many people rebelling against the royal family.

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