IF YOU feel like you need to look like a supermodel to wear a bikini in public, you’re not alone.

But one woman revealed that she doesn’t care if she doesn’t have a so-called bikini and will wear one regardless of size.


Nicki shared the video on her TikTok accountPosted by @itsnikki.g

Nicky Grazer shared a TikTok video of herself looking stunning in a bikini after she got fed up with people telling her she should cover up.

In the video, she shows photos of slender women in bikinis with the caption: “You will never have a bikini body.”

A defiant Nicki then revealed herself in a neon green dress, miming the song: “I can’t hear you, I’m not afraid of you.”

She then tore off her dress to reveal a neon green bikini as she continued to sing the song.

I'm plus size and wear what I want - trolls call my clothes inappropriate
I'm proud to be plus size - real men love me and I know why some women are rude

Actor and model Nikki admitted that she didn’t care what the nasty trolls had to say, there was nothing stopping her from wearing a tiny bikini if ​​she wanted to.

she captioned the clip: “Don’t be afraid to wear what you like.”

In fact, the self-confessed “villain” has even posed in underwear for Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty line and loves empowering other women to love the skin they’re in through her social media posts.

Her video has amassed a whopping three million views and viewers are obsessed with her confidence.

One of them wrote: “It was very powerful for me, thank you!”

Another wrote: “Yes! If you have a bikini and a body, you have a bikini body.”

However, not everyone loved Nicki’s body positivity, with one hater describing the clip as “nightmare fuel”.

Another quipped: “What a joke.”

The plus size model doesn't care what the trolls say


The plus size model doesn’t care what the trolls sayPosted by @itsnikki.g
Nicki shares her confidence on social media


Nicki shares her confidence on social mediaPosted by @itsnikki.g
Nicki's posts have empowered other women to wear what they want


Nicki’s posts have empowered other women to wear what they wantPosted by @itsnikki.g

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