Head of ZMOS Branislav Treger (TASR photo)

Senec, September 7 (TASR) – Partnership by the government was declared, but it was not effective, said the head of the Association of Towns and Villages of Slovakia (ZMOS) Branislav Treger at the 33rd ZMOS Congress on Wednesday, pointing out in his speech the current problems of local government arising from the state’s approach to them.

Treger noted that for this reason, the pillars on which the functioning of local authorities should rest – stability, predictability and partnership – were not and cannot be fulfilled. “We can’t talk about stability – recently we had to protect the local government from influences that had a devastating effect on all of us,” he stressed.

Also, taking into account the problems that have arisen and the state’s approach to them, it is impossible to talk about predictability. “We cannot predict not only what will happen in a year, a month, but even a week,” Traeger noted. Related to this is the reality in the case of partnership with the government. “Although the partnership was declared, it is ineffective,” said the chairman of ZMOS. “Often disputes cloud feelings, negotiations depart from the search for an acceptable compromise,” he noted, assuring that the local authorities understand the complexity of their problems, but especially that they are not resolved.

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