On Friday yellow alert high temperatures spread over the whole of Mallorca except the southern areas.

Heat wave monitoring – On Saturday, Aemet released an amber alert for high temperatures (39C and 40C) in the central, eastern and northern regions; for Tramuntana and the south the warning is yellow. On Sunday, the amber areas are the north and centre, with a maximum of 41°C forecast for central Mallorca. Temperatures should drop by about four degrees everywhere on Monday.

Predictions for Friday (UV rating 9):

Alcudia 35°C, light northeast wind in the morning; moderate in the afternoon in the southwest.

Andrach 33°C, light south wind.

Day Temperature up to 35 degrees, light wind from the west to a light southerly.

Palm The temperature is up to 33 degrees, the south-west is weak and moderate.

Palance 37°C, light N-NE wind.

St. Lawrence Temperature up to 37 degrees, southern moderate, weak southwesterly.

Santanyi 33°C, south-west light wind.

Maximum on Thursday – 37.6 Binisalem at 14.40; 37.1 Llucmajor at 14.40; 36.5 Porreres at 16.10. On the night of Wednesday to Thursday at around 3 o’clock in the morning, Capdeper had a high temperature of 28 degrees. The temperature was below 25C in most cases.

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