Next Tuesday (August 9), the Spanish government emergency energy saving plan come into force. Environmental Transition Minister Teresa Ribera will meet with representatives of regional governments on Tuesday to discuss the measures approved by the cabinet last Monday. The goal is to save up to 25% of energy.

The measure that attracted the most attention and caused the most controversy air conditioning – at least 27 degrees in public buildings, for example, in shops and public transport. However, the minister believes that the decree adopted at the beginning of the week “must be applied flexibly.” The government has already demonstrated this. In the conditions of protest from the hotel sector, at least for bars and restaurants it will be 25 degrees.

Public institutions Mallorca has already taken certain measures and issued instructions regarding turning off the lights and air conditioning. For a meeting of businesses on Tuesday should give a clearer idea of ​​what flexibility exists, Ribera admitted that “discos, kitchens and gyms (for example) require temperatures that are different from the temperatures in a bookstore.”

Another measure concerns automatic doors for stores. It is estimated that you can save about 20% by allowing the door to close and not keeping it open all the time. But for stores that don’t have automatic doors, there’s a particular question of which ones will need to be installed and how much it will cost.

The president of the Balearic Association of Arimpa companies that install and maintain these doors, Rafael Sotomayor, says that the doors require “significant investment” but “tangible savings” can be made. Financial aid is promised, but it has not yet been calculated. Sotomayor, meanwhile, believes his association’s members are ready to meet the demand for the installation.

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