The Deck at The Boat House closed earlier this month after eight months at the Premier Marina site on Mumby Road.

Owner Ed Collison said he made the decision to terminate the business’s lease at the site due to delays in proposed building renovations.

The 27-year-old said: “We were due to undergo a refurbishment in October. But the repair was postponed. And it’s not at a time that works for me.

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Businessman Ed Collison said closing the Gosport restaurant was not easy. Photo: Keith Woodland (041221-2)

“The goal was to get through the summer and then come up with something and open the next season.

“It was a tough decision because financially it worked

“It was a big decision for me to make the decision to quit.”

Prime Minister Marinas has been contacted for comment.

The deck replaced the former restaurant The Boat House Cafe in Gasparta Marina.

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Ed, who started The Deck brand six years ago with a food truck and restaurant Emsworthsaid he managed to keep some of the State Party site staff and transfer them to the Emsworth business.

He said: “The Deck at Emsworth is really thriving.

“But our industry has been seriously affected.

“It’s hard in our industry right now with staff and cooks.

“Our bills have increased – we need to pay attention to this.

“When people go to restaurants today, they need to understand that they’re supporting people — we’re paying above minimum wage.”

The Deck brand employs more than 30 people, and Ed said he’s “proud” that employees are staying with the business.

At the same time, the businessman said that he “definitely” wants to continue developing his enterprises.

He said, “I’m always looking.”

The Deck at Emsworth Marina is offering a ‘family style’ BBQ on Thursday 28th July for £25 per person – and £18 per person for a vegetarian option.

Next month, the restaurant is offering a paella night with live music on Thursday, August 24, priced at £25 per person.

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