A denunciation in Spain is a police report that you make when you are the victim of a crime or a witness to a potential crime.

There is a wide range of reportable crimes, from a lost passport to a home invasion, a stolen vehicle or suspected drug dealing. The most common crimes to report are theft and lost documents.

The police will investigate and decide whether there is a criminal case or a civil case, in which case you will be advised to file a “report” directly with the court through a lawyer.

This service is not suitable to resolve your dissatisfaction with the work of a trader or if you have purchased a faulty product, there is a trading standards service for such cases.

In some cases, such as domestic violence, even if the victim does not wish to proceed, the police may proceed if they believe it is in the public interest to prosecute. Unfortunately, many victims of domestic violence either live in fear of the abuser or have learned to live with the violence, so the authorities sometimes have to take action on their behalf.

There are three ways to make a report, the first is to go in person to your nearest Guardia Civil Guardia Civil barracks or to a National Police station. We recommend that you get advice on how to word your report, as even if the “denouncement” is only for an insurance claim for lost or stolen property, a lot can get lost in translation, which can lead to the insurance company refusing to pay a genuine claim. You can also apply online in English, then take the crime number to the office named in the report (usually the nearest National Police station to your Spanish address), present the crime number together with your ID within 24 hours, without you need to make an appointment, they will print out your report for you to sign without having to fill out the entire report in front of an officer.

A third option is to make a report by phone on the national number, it is important to have all the information you need to make a report, it is also important to note that you cannot make a report anonymously and your report must include the name of the person you suspect of committing an offence, the police on the law requires the suspect to be informed of the name and details of the person who made the statement. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a consulting firm when preparing the report so that you have representation and guidance from the very beginning of your case.

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