An expert claims that a strange symptom associated with a new strain of Covid can make itself known at night.

Luke O’Neill, professor of biochemistry, warned a recently discovered variant of BA.5 – now dominant Omicron sub-variant worldwide – can make sleep a misery.


A new symptom will hit Britons overnightAuthor: Getty

Boffin, from Trinity College, explained how the ‘altered’ virus now shows new and various symptoms which Brits wouldn’t necessarily recognize as Covid.

Speaking to Ireland’s Newstalk, the Dublin-based professor said: “I saw another BA.5 symptom this morning which is night sweats.”

Everyone sweats a little at night, but night sweats are a different beast.

According to the NHS, they are classified as sweating profusely, so that your nightwear and bedclothes are soaked.

The number of Covid cases is increasing for the fifth week in a row, with 2.7 million infected

Adults and children can sweat at night, even if the temperature in your room is cool.

Professor O’Neill warned that the latest symptoms were “another curve ball” and were the result of a new virus clashing with the immune system, leading to “a different disease”.

And he stressed that while current vaccines still provide “good protection”, new shots will be introduced ahead of the expected winter wave of Covid.

He explained: “Just like the flu, you’ll change the vaccine based on the option that’s available at the time.”

It happens, as it was discovered that now one in 25 Britons have Covidreports the Office of National Statistics.

A total of 2.7 million people in the UK would have tested positive last week.

This is the highest figure in three months, but experts say there are signs that it will peak soon.

Hospital admissions are also on the rise, doubling in two weeks in four parts of England – the East, South East, Midlands and South West.

There are now 11,878 inpatients and 232 people in intensive care in England – an important measure for ministers to monitor.

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The ZOE Covid study found that the total number of daily cases in the UK is 339,265, A mirror informed.

It comes as an estimate two million Britons suffer from long-term covid.

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