Newly appointed Chancellor Zahavi denies threatening to resign if he does not get the top job

Nadhim Zahavi denied that he threatened to resign from the government Boris Johnson was overwhelmed by the chaos of resignations – two more ministers resigned this morning.

There was a crisis reshuffle in the government after the former chancellor Rishi Sunak and former Minister of Health Sajid Javid – along with the Tory deputy leader and a host of junior aides – resigned in protest at the Prime Minister’s leadership.

Mr Zahavi moved from education minister to chancellor, denying reports that he had threatened to quit if Liz Truss succeeded him in the Treasury.

Resignations continued to flow in on Wednesday morning, including former ministers Will of the quincewho said he could not accept inaccurate information Chris Pincher scandal and Robin Walker.

Fury is mounting among the Tory ranks after Number 10 admitted the Prime Minister knew when he promoted Mr Pincher, accused of sexual harassment, to the post of MPs’ welfare officer after a misconduct complaint was upheld.


The Minister of Education was the last to leave

Robin Walker has resigned as school standards minister:

Zoe TidmanJuly 6, 2022 09:50


The union is “concerned” about the high turnover of education secretaries

Michelle Donelan, who was previously the universities minister, has been appointed as the new education minister following Nadhim Zahavi’s reshuffle.

The Association of School and College Governors has since welcomed her in her new role, but expressed concern about the “high turnover” of education secretaries.

“This is the sixth president in eight years and the third during Boris Johnson’s premiership,” said leader Geoff Barton.

“Education is a vital public service and a complex sector that requires deep understanding, knowledge and continuity. This constant chopping and changing does not make for stable leadership.”

Michelle Donelan has been promoted to Education Minister

(Getty Images)

Zoe TidmanJuly 6, 2022 09:49


Zahavi arrives at the Treasury on the first day

The morning media tour over, the new chancellor arrived at the Treasury for his first day in the role.

Nadhim Zahavi posed for photographers near the door of his new office:

Nadhim Zahavi has been appointed as the new chancellor following the shock resignation of Sajid Javid

(AFP via Getty Images)

Zoe TidmanJuly 6, 2022 09:41


Nadhim Zahavi “sorry to see” the latest resignations

Nadhim Zahavi said he was “sorry to see” Laura Trott and Will Quince resign this morning.

He told BBC Radio 4’s today program: “I’m sorry to lose any Conservative and certainly sorry to lose a talented MP like Laura Trott. What I would say to her is how you build trust by giving people results.”

He added: “I’m sorry to see Will Quince go. He was a minister to my children and families and a wonderful minister. All I would say to colleagues is people don’t vote for disparate teams. We have to come together.”

Zoe TidmanJuly 6, 2022 09:40


Which Tory MPs have left the government?

This seems like a good time to do a quick summary of someone who has resigned in protest at Boris Johnson’s leadership.

John Stone and Samuel Lovett made a list:

Zoe TidmanJuly 6, 2022 09:33


Ed Balls dances to “Bye Bye Boris”

Ed Ball had a boogie this morning when he inadvertently blared “bye, bye, Boris” in the background of a media interview.

Ed Balls dances as Bye Bye Boris is accidentally broadcast live on GMB

Zoe TidmanJuly 6, 2022 09:17


What’s behind Will Quince’s resignation?

Earlier this week, Will Quince was sent under media scrutiny for defending the Prime Minister in the Chris Pincher scandal.

The former minister says that he is resigning now because he will not accept the fact that he is being sent inaccurate information.

He told broadcasters earlier this week that he had been given “categorical assurances” that Mr Johnson was not “aware of the specific allegations” against the former deputy chief whip, who had been accused of sexual harassment.

A spokesman for No 10 later said the Prime Minister had forgotten what he had been told about the allegations.

Here’s an example from one of his interviews earlier this week:

Zoe TidmanJuly 6, 2022 09:07


Former Attorney General says Boris Johnson is ‘wreaking havoc’.

Former Tory MP Dominic Grieve is among those criticizing the Prime Minister this morning.

He said the resignations of Risha Sunak and Sajid Javid were “massive evidence of Boris Johnson’s lack of moral scruples, his behavior and his ability to lie”.

The former attorney general said the prime minister was creating “chaos” and believed Nadhim Zahavi would regret taking on the role of chancellor.

His interview with Sky News is here:

Zoe TidmanJuly 6, 2022 08:52


Read Will Quince’s firing statement

Will Quince says he is resigning as children’s minister after he “accepted and repeated assurances” to the media that were “inaccurate”.

Read his full resignation letter here:

Zoe TidmanJuly 6, 2022 08:44


BREAKING: Minister who defended Boris Johnson against Chris Pincher resigns

Zoe TidmanJuly 6, 2022 08:39

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