Work The MP insisted that they would not make deals with the Liberals or the SNP to remove Boris Johnson.

David Lamy said Labor is fighting for “every single seat” and that they want to win the next election “directly”.

This came after a tactical vote led to the destruction of Johnson’s party in two difficult by-elections in Tiverton and Honitan and Wakefield.

Asked whether Labor was ready for an alliance with the SNP, the shadow foreign minister said they would not make any deals.

Sky News presenter Trevor Phillips told him that Labor “will never go back to where Labor was in Scotland”.

But Lamy replied, “It’s a pretty categorical statement, and I have to say it’s a matter of the electorate.”

Pressing on the SNP’s current popularity, Lamy said: “I’m not going to predetermine the election results, which are likely in two years.

“Let’s see what we come to, but as a result of this in Wakefield, and indeed in Tiverton, we will form the next government with a comfortable majority. That’s what this result tells us. “

He added: “We are absolutely clear that no, we are not making deals with the SNP or the Liberal Democrats, we want to win directly and we will fight for every vote in every single constituency, right across the country.”

However, a tactical vote allowed Labor and Liberals to take seats from Johnson’s party last week.

The Labor victory in Wakefield garnered about 5,000 votes, up 12 per cent of the Tories, leaving the libdem candidate losing the deposit with just 1.85 per cent of the vote.

Similarly, the Liberals ’extraordinary triumph in Tiverton and Honitan, which increased by 30,000, resulted in the Labor candidate losing his deposit, gaining just over 3% of the vote.

Experts say that if the two parties work together to split seats, they could deprive Johnson of a majority in the next election.

However, the main opposition parties have repeatedly denied that there is any formal agreement between them on the victory of the Tories, conducting limited or non-existent campaigns in each other’s target locations.

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