The son of the star of the real housewives of Orange County, Lori Peterson, was arrested on drug charges after the usual traffic stop on January 10, 2022.

son of Peterson, The arrest of Josh Waring comes less than a year after he was arrested for driving a rented car that was reportedly stolen from John Wayne Airport.


Josh Waring was arrested on drug charges in January 2022

Who is Josh Waring?

33-year-old Josh Waring is the son of famous reality star Lori Peterson, who first appeared in the first season of “True Housewives of Orange County.”

She continued to appear in reality shows for four seasons, but decided to take a step back when Waring was arrested in 2008.

“I didn’t take it easy,” she said Orange County Registry in 2008.

She added: “We discussed it. It took me weeks to figure it out. It wasn’t a hasty decision. After I was released on bail [my son] Josh from prison, I just really need a personal life. It should be as private as possible. “

The son of the RHOC star has been accused of possession of metamymatam and drug trafficking
The RHOC star has been accused of pushing a guy off the stairs in front of his children

Waring has a daughter, Kennedy, who was born in 2012 and was later adopted by Peterson when she was three years old.

Peterson and her husband adopted Kennedy in 2015 because of a personal struggle between her son and his girlfriend, she said Everyday dish at that time.

“As most viewers know, I have a son and he just had a lot of problems. He and his wife gave birth to a child almost three years ago, ”Peterson said.

“It’s really hard for him, and, well, they’re both really struggling. And yes [my husband] George and I decided to help, and we actually adopted Kennedy, and that’s why we’re raising her. “

She went on to say, “Here’s a beautiful baby. I was close to her birth, I connected and connected, and I never knew it would go in that direction.”

What is he accused of?

Waring was arrested in January 2022 after a police officer recognized him in the passenger seat of a car.

The officer was under jurisdiction to search the car because Waring was in the system and reportedly on parole.

TMZ reported that a police officer allegedly found fentanyl and methamphetamine on Waring’s lap before he allegedly tried to brush them to the floor of the car.

He was taken to jail and charged with possession of felony, sale of fentanyl and abuse of methamphetamine.

Josh Waring was arrested in 2016 for shooting a man in California


Josh Waring was arrested in 2016 for shooting a man in CaliforniaCredit: Costa Mesa Police Department

What other charges have been leveled against Josh Waring?

Waring’s arrest in January was the latest in a series of incidents in which he was threatened with imprisonment and parole.

He was arrested and threatened with 65 years in prison in 2016 for shooting a man near a sober house in Costa Mesa, California.

The man was 35-year-old Daniel Lopez, who was injured in the lower torso but survived.

Waring, who was 27 at the time, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, vehicle theft, evasion, assault and assault.

He was identified by witnesses and his bail was set at $ 1 million.

Waring said Daily pilot in 2017 “I’m not nervous because I’m innocent. I didn’t do that. “

After his arrest in 2016, Waring spent four years in prison awaiting trial, but reached a plea agreement in March 2020.

He pleaded guilty to assault with a firearm, evasion of a peace officer, two assaults, assault with damage to property and beatings.

The plea deal resulted in seven years and four months in prison and included four years he spent awaiting trial.

Peterson broke her silence two years after Waring’s arrest in 2016 and wrote on Twitter: “After almost 2 years of silence about my son’s arrest, I will begin to share the facts of his case and how easy it is to lie to the accused!”

Waring was released on parole in March 2020, his lawyer Joel Garson said. People“He was looking at a potential sentence of 65 years before life imprisonment, and today’s release will be the beginning of a new life for him.”

After he was released, Waring was charged with three offenses – possession of controlled substances, drug possession and false representation of the police in June 2020.

He was arrested again in May 2021 when he was caught in a rented car that was reportedly stolen from John Wayne Airport.

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