SUMMER Monteys-Fullam launched a pulse after undressing in a pantyhose bikini while enjoying the sunlight in Florida.

The model could be seen posing by the pool in a new hot photo when she threw her head back and stretched her legs.


Summer looked stunning in a new photo in a bikiniCredit: Instagram
The star is no stranger to sharing his pictures online


The star is no stranger to sharing his pictures onlineCredit: summermonteysfullam / Instagram

SummerThe 26-year-old wore a tiny pink bikini on the strings to be photographed in her garden while relaxing by the pool on Tuesday afternoon.

The influencer, who was spending time in Miami, tilted her head in the sun, allowing her strawberry strands to blur behind.

Placing her hands behind her body, Summer demonstrated her incredible curves when her tightened bar was caught in the light.

Against the background of the new photo looked wide villa and pool, in which you can dip your toes in the summer.

Summer Montece Fullam showcases incredible body in orange bikini in Florida
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Summer is not used to showing her enviable curves to her fans – she recently posed in white lace lingerie.

Demonstrating her tanned and toned figure in night shots, the star put a silk robe on the floor over a bra and pants.

The former barmaid recently explained that she receives daily messages and explicit photos from fans fighting for her attention.

However, that’s not all to be with Summer admitting that she prefers to remain alone until she finds her “Magic Prince”.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Summer said: “I like being lonely, but I want to find my prince charming.

“I’ve had people get into my DM, but I’m not dating right now. I’m ready to see you.”

When asked if she had received any daring messages online, she replied, “I have a lot of it.

“I would like to say that we have one dog or we have one horse.

“And sometimes when I click to see a picture or take it and then all of a sudden it’s not the same … it’s not a similar dog or a similar horse. It’s not the same. Actually it’s damn photos.”

The star said it could vary – from complete strangers to fans – and she even had celebrities who got into her DM … but declined to say who.

Summer admitted that she has a “weird guy” when it comes to men – admitted that Prince Harry and Tom Hardy put all her boxes.

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Earlier, she talked about what she is looking for in her next man, saying: “Loyalty is a huge key factor for me. I want someone good. I don’t have a type as such – it’s how I get along with this person.

“Age isn’t really an issue, but this time I would definitely put a cap on it – up to thirty or younger – and I would definitely be ready to meet someone out of the public eye.”

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