Prince William has revealed that his late mother’s commitment to the cause of homelessness inspired him to take to the streets of London, selling the Big Issue, and said he wants to set the same example for his children.

Royal, who turns 40 today, joined Big Issue veteran salesman Dave Martin in Rochester Row, near Victoria, just days after the Platinum anniversary celebrations to sell a magazine that supports homeless people across the country.

William is the star on the cover of the latest issue of the Big Issue, and in his latest issue he explained how his relationship with the charity began with his mother, Princess Diana.

He said: “I was 11 years old when I first visited a homeless shelter with my mother, who in her unique style decided to shed light on a forgotten, misunderstood problem.”

The prince said his time on the street “really opened his eyes” but added that his experience was very different from most vendors as the couple soon sold a few days in circulation less than an hour after curious passers-by spotted William at work.

He said: “A hard-working, cheerful, happy person, Dave is a person we should all actively encourage and support. Instead, people often just ignore it. And while The Big Issue provides a mechanism by which Dave can provide for himself, earn a living and, he says, restore some self-esteem, it depends that we also play a role. Because he can succeed only if we know, see and support him. “


William sells the Big Issue

Prince acknowledged that he “may seem one of the most incredible defenders” of the homeless, but added: “I have always believed in using my platform to help tell these stories and draw attention and action to those who are struggling. I plan to do it now, I’m 40, even older than I was in the past.

“Therefore, for my part, I undertake to continue to do my best to shed light on this crucial issue not only today but also in the coming months and years. And in the years to come, I hope to lead George, Charlotte and Louis to how fantastic organizations do inspiring work to support those most in need – just as my mother did for me.

“As she instinctively knew, and as long as I keep trying to emphasize, the first step to solving the problem is for everyone to see it as it really is. “

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