How East Midlands Airport’s global cargo operations support billions of pounds of business

UK businesses are benefiting from billions of pounds thanks to global cargo operations at East Midlands Airport, a new report says.

A recent commissioning examines the airport’s position as a global hub for express air travel, supporting the supply chains of many companies that are important to the Midlands economy – especially leading manufacturers and the aerospace sector.

It was noted that in March this year alone they exported goods worth 1.4 billion pounds Castle Donington Airportserving more than 448,000 tonnes of goods a year and occupying the UK’s largest share of the cargo aircraft market.

A study conducted by York Aviation on behalf of the airport highlights the importance of the established freight companies DHL, UPS, FedEx, Royal Mail and increasingly Amazon to the regional economy.

It offers 185 of the world’s largest cities, including New York, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, Mumbai, Jakarta and Frankfurt, as well as “second-tier” cities such as Bogota, Tel Aviv, Cape Town, Seattle, Nairobi and Panama. The city can be reached from the East Midlands with just one stop.

The study also claims that the cost of goods exported through the airport is twice as high as imports, indicating its value for value for UK plc.

In addition, the average customs value of exports per tonne is £ 335,000, compared to £ 180,000 at some other UK airports, indicating the high cost of goods delivered and exported.

The study also shows that it helps make the region more internationally focused by attracting foreign investment in sectors such as advanced manufacturing, aerospace, pharmaceuticals and the automotive industry. Fashion and household items account for about 10 percent of imports and exports.

Aviation MP Robert Corts said: “We know the importance of quick access to the world’s most important economic centers for business, especially in areas such as advanced manufacturing, and so the connections provided by East Midlands Airport undoubtedly improve not only attractiveness The Midlands, but the UK as a whole. ”

Since 2013, the airport has been steadily growing in the volume of cargo that was increased during the pandemic.

In 2020, volumes rose 13 percent from the previous year due to more people shopping online and switching businesses to use safer end-to-end supply chains.

The airport says much of this new business is expected to remain as users are constantly switching to specialized air travel professionals.

Airport chief Claire James said: “Airports are an important asset for the regions they serve.

“This analysis shows how important the EMA is for sectors that create economic value and employment for so many people locally.

“As the UK continues to establish new relationships with key economies around the world, the airport will play an increasingly important role in the safe and rapid movement of time-important and expensive goods to and from the UK.

“At the same time, it will continue to make a significant contribution to strengthening the East Midlands as a globally connected international economy.”

Executive Director of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce Scott Knowles said this was not a new phenomenon.

He said: “A huge number of businesses in our region and beyond have long relied on cargo operations at the airport, and today we see that an increasing number of large logistics companies are choosing location at and around the airport.

“The surrounding area is a hub for economic activity, a magnet for domestic investment and a driving force for key events of strategic importance, such as the Freeport East Midlands.

“Ultimately, these new opportunities will create jobs and wealth for people living in the cities and towns of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.”

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