Fans of LOVE Island picked up theirs suspicions that Jay and Ekin-Soo in fact gratings planted by growers to liven things up.

Jaywho arrived at the villa last week, had already confronted Jacques and kissed Ekin-su twice while she was still paired with David.


Fans of Love Island have theories that Ekin-soo and Jay are bars planted by producers to help create drama.Credit: Eroteme

In Sunday’s meeting, Ekin-Su was saved from David’s embarrassment when the girls were allowed to choose the boys they wanted to go with.

She, of course, chose Jay – who she liked sneaky kisses from last week.

When her situation was settled, the Turkish actress instead intervened in other relationships and encouraged Ladies Hope to deceive Amber Beckford.

The 27-year-old soap star advised Ladies to “go to the terrace” with India behind Amber, as she did with Jay behind David.

But she had to quickly change the conversation when the unsuspecting Amber approached and joined them.

The trio did not know that on the other side of the villa India had admitted its potential lack of connection with Icon.

Love Island fans after a quarrel with Ekin-Su throw Amber

Fans quickly rushed to share their theories that the two beauties were either planted by their show bosses or, in Jay’s case, actually worked as a producer on the show.

One fan pondered on Twitter, “Jay has to be one of the producers. Since he’s been there, he hasn’t caused anything but problems. ”

Another said, “Jay is the producer.”

While other fans have shown Ekin-Su’s experience as an actress as proof that she is a mole.

“If Ekin-su wanted Jay, she wouldn’t be doing this gaslight nonsense with David … Think she’s a plant from growers,” wrote one fan.

Another added: “Who else thinks Ekin-Su looks like an underground fighter mole they put there to revive the garbage. Probably no one is so free. “

And the third wrote: “The theory of the island of love… Ekin-Su – paid mole supplied there by manufacturers. We already know that she is an actress … “

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Meanwhile, later in the show it turned out that among them are Jay and Ekin-Soo six islanders in front of the chop tomorrow night. One girl and one guy will be thrown out of the villa.

The Sun turned to ITV for comment.

Aside from her sly kisses with Jay, Ekin-su encouraged the ladies to cheat on Amber


Aside from her sly kisses with Jay, Ekin-su encouraged the ladies to cheat on AmberCredit: Eroteme
Jay quarreled with Jacques and kissed Ekin-su behind David's back


Jay quarreled with Jacques and kissed Ekin-su behind David’s backCredit: Eroteme
Both Ekin-su and Jay face chops in tomorrow’s show


Both Ekin-su and Jay face chops in tomorrow’s showCredit: instagram

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