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Westmeath 3-22

Offaly 2-16

WESTMEATH faced a LITTLE difficulty against Offaly when they hosted the Tailteann Cup final match with Cavan three weeks later.

2006 was the last year that Offaly defeated Westmith in the championship, and this unbeaten series continued here.

It was an extremely open game, and the final score was reminiscent of what we’re more used to in throwing than the big ball code.

Although they played in the lower division of the league, Westmeath demonstrated their excellent experience and kept their neighbors at arm’s length from 14 minutes when they led 1-4 to zero.

By the end Westmith torpedoed 3-22 against a loyal defensive net that was an annoying game. Lorcan Daly scored two goals and John Heslin added 0-8, but they had scorers from all over the field.

Their attack was magnificent. In total they had 10 scorers and they left behind a few goals, especially in the first half.

To their credit, Offaly continued to fight back after a disastrous start when they didn’t score from the game until the 24th minute. At this stage they had only 1-2 on the board, but they finished with a solid score of 2-16.

Johnny Maloney fights Kevin Maguire.

Source: Ben Brady / INPHO

Vomiting swept through the Offaly camp for a week, and they suffered a blow when experienced defender Niall Darby fell with a suspected torn cross on Tuesday night. Whether it affected their start of the game or not, they started badly.

Westmith was wasteful in the first 13 minutes, despite leading 0-3 without points. Their runners from deep exposed Offaly, who was standing in defense. Ronan Wallace passed without tracking from the midfield and scored in Westmith’s first goal.

Offaly rallied in the 17th minute after a stunning block by Johnny Maloney at Heslin led to a move that saw Niall McNamey win a free kick on the edge. put Offaly the first point in the game.

Attacks in Ophali went on scraps, although through the freestyle McNaimi soon narrowed the gap to four, 1-4 to 1-1. Although Westmeath dominated the game, they didn’t take this into account on the scoreboard.

They missed 10 shots in the first period and left behind a certain goal when Heslin’s aimed shot hit Sam McCarton in the back and bounced back. 12 minutes before the break they improved their accuracy by scoring 1-6.

Westmith’s second goal was scored after James Dolan broke through in the counterattack.

He fed McCartan, who in turn found Lorcan Dolan for the assassination attempt on the back post with a football-style pass. Anton Sullivan was Offaly’s brightest striker in the start and he scored two outstanding points.

Jordan-Hayes-has-shot at the gate

Jordan Hayes hit back on goal.

Source: Evan Treacy / INPHO

One of the winners of the All-Ireland Offaly U20, Jack Bryant, looked dangerous in the lotteries and curled up. But at the far end Offaly leaked too much. They went 2-11 to 1-6 behind in the break and it was a score that flattered John Mogan’s team.

Believers improved significantly in the second half. Having missed the first two points, they scored three points in a row. The problem was that they created a few moments for the goal that were not realized. McNamey brought his score to five by making a hat-trick with a free-kick to lead his team to seven.

Heslin supported Westmith’s scoreboard and then the great Lorcan Dolan captured his second goal after free-kick forward Kevin Maguire. This destroyed Off’s resistance. O’Toole and McCarton scored when Westmith increased the lead to 12.

Catal Flynn came off the bench and scored a superb individual goal after a one-two game with Dylan Highland.

The Offaly bench really affected and struck 1-5 between them. Westmith was the last saw when O’Toole brought the score to four, and substitutes Alex Gardiner and Robbie Ford took action.

Top scorers for Westmeath: John Heslin 0-8 (0-4f), Lorcan Dolan 2-1, Ronan O’Toole 0-4, Sam McCartan 0-3, Ronan Wallace 1-0, Luke Laughlin 0-2, James Dolan, Ray Connelan, Alex Gardiner, Robbie Ford at 0-1.

Scorers for Offaly: Niall McNamey 0-6 (0-6f), Keith O’Neill 1-1, Catal Flynn 1-0, Dylan Highland 0-3, Anton Sullivan 0-2, Jack Bryant, Jack McEvoy 0-1.


1. Jason Daly (St. Lawrence)

2. Jack Smith (Harp Harps), 5. James Dolan (Garicasle), 3. Kevin Maguire (Colrie),

6. Ronan Wallace (Multyfarnham), 12. David Lynch (St Malachy’s), 4. Jamie Ganud (Tyrrellspass)

22. Sam Duncan Miltownpass, 9. Ray Connelan (Athlone),

8. Jonathan Linham (The Downs), 11. Ronan O’Toole (St Loman’s), 10. Sam McCartan (St Loman’s Mullingar)

15. Lorcan Dolan (Castledale), 14. John Heslin (St. Lawrence), 13. Luke Laughlin (The Downs)


20. Robbie Ford (Moate All Whites) for Duncan (45)

17. Herr Egan (Tyrrellspass) by Lin (54)


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19. Alex Gardiner (Garicasle) for Lorcan Dolan (63)

7. Nigel Hart (Tyrrellspass) for James Dolan (68)

18. Kieran Martin (Maryland) for Laughlin (68)


1. Paddy Dunican (Shamrocks)

2. Lee Pearson (Edenderry), 3. Declan Hogan (Tullamore), 20. David Dempsey (Ballycommon)

5. Rory Egan (Edenderry), 6. Johnny Malani (Tullamore), 7. Cian Donohoe (St Brigid’s)

8. Connor McNamey (Rod), 9. Jordan Hayes (Endender)

10. Bill Carroll (Kapinkur), 11. Royry McNami (Rod), 12. Anton Sullivan (Rod)

13. Jack Bryant (Shamrocks), 14. Niall McNamey (Rod), 15. Keith O’Neill (Clonbullogue)


22. Dyland Highland (Rahin) for Carol (22)

17. James Lalar (Rahin) for Conar McNamey (ht)

21. Mark Ebat (Edenderry) for Pearson (52)

19. Catal Flynn (Fairbain) for Bryant (52)

24. Jack McEvoy (Clonbullogue) for Ruairi McNamee (65)

Judge: Paul Falun (down)

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