Jack Oliver of Limavada was killed in an accident at the Kells Road Races in Meath.

he 22-year-old fell off his Kawasaki motorcycle during a Supersport race on the Crossakiel track, causing the red flag to be stopped.

His family confirmed the tragic news on social media, and his brother Robbie said he died “doing what he loved.”

Jack’s brother wrote on Facebook: “As some may have heard, our little rocket (got) its angelic wings at a road race in Kelso, doing what he liked best. (I) sure a wide smile was revealed!

“I honestly have no words. May I ask that you all be able to give my and my father some space at this time and without phone calls.

“Everyone dies, not everyone lives. Ride high, my brother, I will always love you.

“# 232 # ALWAYS LIKUM1.”

The Union of Motorcycles of Ireland (Ulster Center) extended its condolences to Jack Lucy’s partner and all his family and friends.

One road racing fan said, “Such sad news. He went into a race in the clouds with the other big ones we lost. Deep condolences to his family and friends. “

Earlier, Jack took second place in the junior support race and 10th in the senior support event.

The event on the Crossakiel track was the first since 2019 a national race race in the Republic of Ireland with a large crowd.

It was expected that all the famous riders would be home from TT Isle of Man.

Jack Oliver qualified second in the junior support category and lightweight 250/400 on Saturday and third in the super-twins.

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