Former KFC employee Abdul Joshim presented his latest venture – a stylish hamburger store. MMM Burger opened on Waterloo Road Cobridge and boasts a menu of chicken, beef, fish and gourmet burgers

And Abdul, c Stock, had extensive experience in the food industry and was once a trainee manager at KFC. Meanwhile, his family owns a variety of restaurants around Stoke-on-Trent.

It is another takeaway on busy Waterloo Road where he works for more than 15. MMM Burger opened its doors on Sunday (June 12th) – and Abdul says it was a random encounter that led to him taking over the premises.

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He said: “When I started planning this place, it was about three months ago. I walked by and saw an empty property. The owner came up to me and asked if I knew anyone who wanted it, and I went from there.”

“I needed to do all the DIY, and most of the work I did myself. It used to be barbecue and she just wasn’t going to satisfy what we wanted to do. This is a brand new business.

“I wanted everything to flow from the back to the front, all the food went in front and straight to the customer. I’m trying to make a fast food business model where it’s really fast food.

The MMM Burger, owned by Abdul Joshim, opened on Sunday, June 12th

“You need something simple with not too many options, specialize and be good at it. Burgers are good for this, quick and easy, plus they’re on trend right now, aren’t they? I worked in other restaurants. I really worked at KFC, was an intern manager there. I have a lot of experience in the food industry. I have transferred here all my skills and experience.

“My favorite burger on the menu will be Big MMM. The menu is basically what I want to eat. That’s all I did at home for the family, and everyone likes it. Instead of it being just for my family, I wanted to share it for more people.

“My wife supported, she was the basis of it all. She looked after the children while I was vaccinating. Once we get used to the current menu, we will be looking for vegan and vegetarian burgers ”.

More information about MMM Burger can be found on the business website ‘ Facebook page here.

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