The Irish state and the wave of investors see opportunities for growth, prosperity and energy independence that come with the support of the accelerated development of renewable energy projects.

Investors know that the demand for electricity is growing. It is expected that only in Ireland by 2030 the demand for electricity will grow by 30%, and by 2040 – up to 80%. Much of this growth will come from demand in high energy, data centers and electric vehicles.

As recent geopolitical developments have put energy autonomy at the center of national governments around the world, the Irish Examiner is working with industry leaders and supporting government agencies to update our readers on Ireland’s progress in various renewable energy sectors.

The Irish government’s 80 to 30 target – 80% of electricity will be generated from renewable sources by 2030 – by 2030 will increase current renewable energy production capacity from the current 4.5 GW to 15 GW, including 4 GW of land wind, 5 GW of sea wind and 2 GW of solar power.

Offshore wind energy is already enjoying a scale of global investment that contradicts Ireland’s modest size. According to a joint report by the Irish Wind Energy Association and the Carbon Trust, the value of these investments is 42 billion euros.

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