Farmers and food producers will lose almost £ 300 million trade deal with Australia and need the help of the government, the MPs report said.

Boris Johnson promised to “protect” the sector by seeking its first post-Brexit agreement – but then abolished other cabinet ministers to enter into a transaction that effectively removes import tariffs immediately.

Trade experts have concluded that the agreement allows Australia to increase exports six times the probable profit of the UKestimated at only 0.08 percent GDP until 2035.

Now the Commons Environment Committee has taken advantage of the government’s acknowledgment that the meager benefits will come in part from a “redistribution of resources” to production.

The estimated losses for agriculture, forestry and fisheries (£ 94 million) and semi-finished products (£ 225 million) – with small profits for other food, beverages and tobacco – total deficits of £ 278 million.

Robert GoodwillThe chairman of the Conservative Committee said ministers should “make sure the sector does not deteriorate” from the agreement with Australia.

«The government must commit to helping the food and agricultural sectors regain the lost growth of £ 278 million it will feel as a result of this deal, ”he said.

He noted “a plan to appoint new trade envoys to boost our exports,” adding: “We will follow the figures and hold the government accountable.”

The call came amid new attacks on the government for continuing to implement the agreement before it was fully considered by another committee.

It was previously submitted to parliament on Wednesday, initiating a 21-day period – under the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act (CRaG) – before it could take effect.

Angus McNeillChairman of the Committee on International Trade, accused Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan of violating “explicit commitments” made to the House of Commons.

“Such a frivolous breach of this promise sets a dangerous precedent for future agreements and shows how little this government respects parliament,” he said.

The report of the Environment Committee also echoes criticism from the outside Henry Dimblebynutrition adviser that the approach to new trade agreements risks “exporting toughness and carbon emissions” abroad.

The Independent showed that meat from cows are transported up to 48 hours without rest – conditions banned in the UK – can now be imported from Australia.

“It is unlikely that a lot of food that does not meet basic standards will enter the UK as a result of an agreement with Australia,” the report said, “but this may not be in line with future agreements.”

Ministers must adhere to these standards – for example, on deforestation and on banning chlorine-washed chickens and the use of growth hormone chemicals in meat – before negotiations begin.

“We want our high British animal welfare standards and environmental standards to be included in every trade deal we make from now on,” Mr Goodville added.

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