AFTER a long day hugging in bed and scrolling through TikTok can be a great way to end the evening.

With lots of exciting content and lots of scrolling you can sometimes lose the video you want to look back on.


You can request a download of your data in TikTok to get browsing historyCredit: Getty Images

Can you check the browsing history in TikTok?

TikTok has a somewhat tricky option of viewing your video history to make sure your favorite content is never lost.

Although there is no specific option for viewing your browsing history, you can still access the videos you encountered Alfr.

All you need to do is request your data file in TikTok, which will also include other important information such as your subscribers, likes list, biography and more.

How can I check browsing history in TikTok?

To begin the query process, first open the TikTok app.

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From there, click on your profile and find the three lines at the top right of the page.

Once you click this, you will see the “Settings and Privacy” option.

From there, click the “Privacy” button.

You will then see the option to select “Download TikTok Data”.

The data will include your profile and your activities, which will also contain your video history.

Below will be a large red button labeled “Data Request” that will wait until TikTok processes your request.

Request processing may take several days, but is usually completed within 24 hours.

Your requested data will run out if not downloaded within four days.

You can always re-request the download of your own data when it expires.

Once TikTok approves your request, you will be notified that your file is ready to upload.

Once you reach this point, choose to download data that will contain a file called Video View History.

The file will include all the dates, times and links to videos you have watched in the past.

You can then simply copy and paste this link to re-watch your favorite video.

Can you view browsing history on TikTok PC?

Like the TikTok app on your phone, you can also download your data to your computer to view your browsing history.

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You can go to TikTok and select the Settings button. From there you will see the option to select “Download your data” as in the mobile app.

Then you follow the same steps and open the downloaded file on your computer.

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