Beer Day Britain celebrates all beer (photo: Adobe)

Beer Day in the UK: UK cities with the lowest and least affordable beer prices identified

Not all beer is created equal – especially when it comes to price.

If you’re raising a glass tonight for our national glass for Beer Day in Britain, you may be wondering what it costs your friends who are drinking elsewhere in the country.

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And whether you’re indulging in a couple of cans at home or a few pints in the local town, the difference may be enough to make you call earlier.

Experts in personal finance selected figures from Numbeo’s cost of living database to see which UK cities have the cheapest beer prices overall.

Experts also compared prices in restaurants (0.5 liters of bottling) with market prices (0.5 liter bottle) to find out how inflation affects shoppers both at home and on the street.

“As Covid’s recommendations have been completely relaxed for the first time in two years and the weather is warming, more of us will be communicating in the summer months,” said Andrea Knowles, a personal finance expert with

“For many of us, this will include trips to pubs, bars and restaurants. However, it should be said that many of us feel hurt when it comes to the cost of living. It seems the price of everything continues to rise. Up and up – and that includes yourself your favorite drink.

“Earlier this year, there were predictions that pubs might be forced to raise pint prices by 50 retirees across the UK, which will hit buyers even harder.

“With huge inflation, supply chain problems, the Ukrainian war, and now the news that CO2 shortages are also pushing prices, the price of a pint is getting more expensive.

“If prices had gone solely behind inflation between January 2008 and April 2022, the price of a pint would have been £ 3.35. However, our research has shown that this is not the case. “

As for restaurant prices, Aberdeen in general had the cheapest draft beer (3.23 pounds), followed by Dundee, Cardiff and Derby (all 3.48 pounds).

Not surprisingly, the most expensive beer was in London (£ 6.00), followed by Belfast (£ 5.20) and then in Brighton, Cambridge and Guilford (all at £ 4.97).

The cheapest restaurant beer

The most expensive restaurant beer

Looking at market prices, Derby (£ 1.32), Coventry (£ 1.37), Southampton (£ 1.51), Edinburgh (£ 1.51) and Newcastle (£ 1.59) were the cheapest places. .

Conversely, Oxford (£ 2.36), Brighton (£ 2.17), London (£ 2.15), Leeds (£ 2.15) and Nottingham (£ 2.12) were the most expensive places to buy beer for at home.

The cheapest market beer

The most expensive beer on the market

Interestingly, when comparing the market with restaurant prices, some cities had large surcharges for hospitality customers.

Restaurants in London, Belfast, Guildford, Cambridge and Edinburgh added between £ 2.97 and a whopping £ 3.85, and everything at the end of the evening fell into the customer’s pocket.

At the other end of the spectrum, in Aberdeen, Leeds, Cardiff, Dundee, Nottingham, Manchester and Leicester, the mark-up from market prices remained below £ 2.

Smallest price increase (from market to restaurant)

Biggest price increase (from market to restaurant)

However, rising prices alone do not tell the whole story.

In terms of markups (percentage increases), buyers in Edinburgh, Coventry, London, Southampton and Belfast suffered the most – almost 200 percent markups in the case of London.

Lowest markup (percentage increase, compared to market and restaurant)

Highest margin (percentage increase, compared to market and restaurant)

Conversely, Aberdeen, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester and Leicester had more reasonable surcharges, and prices in those places more than doubled.

“Our analysis of beer price data shows that for the most part, consumers can save money by buying beer to enjoy at home rather than going to a pub,” Andrea said.

“However, in Wales and Scotland there are minimum unit prices, which in some cases make buying booze more expensive than going to a pub, so keep this in mind.”

Beer Day in the UK celebrates all beers, including traditional ale, main camps, craft beer with limited circulation and everything in between, no matter where it is brewed and who owns the brewery.

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