New evidence that could link third parties to the murder of Galina’s Daphne Caruana is being investigated by police, a court heard on Thursday.

Police Chief Keith Arno said in court that last month, police received new information in the form of four DVDs that could link others to the 2017 murder of a journalist.

Arnaud testified in a constitutional case in which Jørgen Fenek, a man accused of plotting to kill Caruana Galicia in a car, claims police did not give him full disclosure of evidence against him during his arrest.

Much of his testimony focused on police investigations into Melvin Theuma and Mario Giorgio, with Arno saying the latter’s home was under surveillance because Theuma frequently visited him.

However, according to him, this observation did not provide significant information. “All we’ll see is Melvin, who goes to Giorgio, brings food or money,” Arnaud said.

Questions were also asked about data obtained from Fennec’s phone in 2019, and his lawyer suggested that the police already had a copy of the businessman’s phone as part of the investigation into the murder – an opinion Arno rejected.

“What happened is that we appointed Europol experts in the investigation, and we immediately asked them to give us any useful information they have extracted so far … as soon as they gained access to the devices, they quickly gave us everything. that could, partly mining. The rest they took back to The Hague to carry out a complete bait, and then handed it over to us. “

Ultimately, the court ordered Arno to provide a list of those with whom the police spoke in connection with the animo ritirandi case (temporarily before return), in a sealed list accessible only to the court and the parties’ lawyers.

The chief said he would follow court orders, but stressed that police had already provided all the evidence relevant to the investigation. “Those people who were checked in the first days, did not appear anywhere else in the investigation.”

In the last question, Arno was asked if investigative materials were related to third parties who could be related to the murder.

In that sense, Arnaud said that last month the police received four DVDs with the latest information – information that is still under investigation.

Now the case will continue in July.

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