Irish Rail has launched a tender to expand the platform at Kent Station for commuter trains.

The project is part of the Cork Area Commuter Rail (CARC) program, which aims to provide higher capacity and more frequent suburban rail links for the city.

The proposed extension will allow trains to travel through Kent station from Mallow to Middleton or Kobe non-stop, meaning passengers will no longer need to change services on such routes.

The project is the first of seven packages to be delivered under the CARC program.

The construction will consist of an extension of platform 5, which is located on the south side of the track. It will be extended to the east to provide a long and straight two-sided island platform about 6 m wide.

The newly created southern edge of the platform will yield a new 220-meter platform, which will be called Platform 6.

The work will require the adjustment of alarm systems and replacement of the retaining wall. The platform will also be covered with a canopy of galvanized steel “Y” -shaped.

According to Irish Rail, all rail services will be fully supported at the station throughout construction.

“This is a call for competition from Iarnród Éireann – Irish Rail, which is looking for candidates with the appropriate qualifications to participate in the tender process for the Kent station through the platform for the Cork Suburban Railway Project (CACR),” – said in a preliminary qualification questionnaire.

“The most important aspect of this contract is the fact that it is located in the center of Kent Railway Station. All construction activities will take place in the middle of the live railway.

“Accordingly, restrictions on access and working hours must be taken into account. Full service of railway operations must be maintained at all times. Interruptions due to train traffic should be taken into account. ”

The contractor should have previous experience in comparable terms, and it is estimated that the contract will be signed in December 2022.

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