Proponents of Coronation Street noticed a mistake when Summer Spelman’s attempts to cheat on exams ended in disaster.

The character, played by Harriet Bibi, was overwhelmed with pressure to reach the required A-Levels for admission to Oxford University. However, Summer was diagnosed with diabetes, and last month during an important exam she lost.

The character’s health issues have disrupted her A-Levels – and she has since received revision assistance from Aadi Alahan. Summer passed her final exam on Wednesday long-lasting soap.

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Summer was planning to cheat during the test when she smuggled Aadi’s cards into the examination room. The warden noticed that Summer was climbing into her case, but the hero lied and claimed that she needed to measure her blood sugar.

However, Summer was upset when she realized she had dropped all the cards in the examination room. Another warden noticed the cards and accused Aadi of fraud.

Viewers are watching the show Twitter were distracted during the scene and argued that it was unbelievable that no one would notice that Summer had dropped the cards in the silent exam hall.

Samantha said, “As you may have noticed, throwing all this paper in a quiet room !!!”

Sidge added, “How she didn’t notice the cards falling out.”

Craig commented: “Their cards would make a lot of noise in a room full of silence that fell out of Aadi’s hands.”

Polly tweeted, “So no one noticed that all those cards fell out. Oh, my dear. Unbelievable.”

Vladimir published : “It’s impossible for them all to fall like that without noticing them in one or two moments – yes, six or seven – there’s no chance.”

Rob wrote, “How did all these notes fall out of her pencil case so she or anyone else didn’t notice in a very quiet room?”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV and ITV Hub

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